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TongZhan was founded in 2011, who is committed to being a leading one-stop EMS provider.  We specializes in high-speed turn-key PCB services: PCB design, Fabrication, Components sourcing, PCBA and Supply Chain service.
We good at project management and cost down for EMS.

Ø  High level PCB layout design for high speed & density boards
Ø  Get quick turn prototype PCB& PCBA
Ø  Mix volumes from low, medium to mass production
Ø  Turnkey solution: PCB fab + components sourcing + PCB assembly

We focus on your needs 
Clients’ increasing needs fuel our continual growth. The growth of our PCB layout, Fabrication, assembly and material management is driven by the constant pressure to shorten time-to-market, and keep up-to-date with emerging technologies. Tongzhan's capabilitiesenable our customers to focus on their core competencies like R & D and sales & marketing.

You benefit from our experience 
Most of Tongzhan's employees have more than 4 years of experience in PCB design, Fabrication, assembly and parts sourcing.We deal with more than 2,000 cases per year. 

Time Saving
Tongzhan fully realizes the market pressure of our clients. We work based on customer’s time. Because we’re capable of handling everything in one streamlined process all under one roof, you get the benefit of working with one company and one time-line.

Turnkey solution 
Tongzhan provides turnkey services including PCB layout,PCB fabrication and assembly. This can help you save time on management.