TU862 Pcb Manufacturing And Assembly 2 - 64 Layer Pcb Board Assembly

TU862 Pcb Manufacturing And Assembly 2 - 64 Layer Pcb Board Assembly

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    TU862 Pcb Manufacturing And Assembly


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    Pcb Board Assembly TU862

  • Keyword
    Printed Circuit Board Assembly
  • Layer
  • Materials
    FR4,High-Tg FR4,Rogers, Nelco,RCC,PTFE, M4, M6,TU862,TU872
  • Special Capability
    Gold Finger Plating
  • Max Board Size
  • Min Width/Space
  • Max Aspect Ratio
    20 : 1
  • Min Outline Tolerance
  • Payment Method
  • Delivery Time
    4 Weeks
  • Whether To Support Customization
  • Logistics
    Accept Customer Specified Logistics
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    PCB+ Box
  • Delivery Time
    4 weeks
  • Payment Terms
  • Supply Ability

TU862 Pcb Manufacturing And Assembly 2 - 64 Layer Pcb Board Assembly

Printed Circuit Board Assembly FR4 2 - 64 Layer PCB Immersion Gold + OSP


Printed Circuit Board Assembly Description:
1. Quick-turn and flexible delivery
2. Support a wide range of PCBs: high-layer, multi-layer, rigid-flex, high frequency, high speed, etc.
3. Professional supplier positioning
4. Seamless link from prototype to mass production
5. Whole-flow quality assurance, IPC, Special industry inspection standard.


We focus on your needs:
Clients’ increasing needs fuel our continual growth. The growth of our PCB layout, Fabrication, assembly, and material management is driven by the constant pressure to shorten time-to-market and keep up to date with emerging technologies. Tongzhan's capabilities enable our customers to focus on their core competencies like R & D and sales & marketing.

You benefit from our experience:
Most of Tongzhan's employees have more than 4 years of experience in PCB design, Fabrication, assembly, and parts sourcing. We deal with more than 2,000 cases per year. 


Printed Circuit Board Assembly Parameters:

Item Technical Parameter
Layer 2-64
Thickness 0.5-17.5mm
Copper Thickness 0.3-12 oz
Min Mechanical Hole 0.1mm
Min Laser Hole 0.075mm
HDI 1+n+1,2+n+2,3+n+3
Max Aspect Ratio 20:1
Max Board Size 650mm*1130mm
Min Width/Space 2.4/2.4mil
Min Outline Tolerance ±0.1mm
Impedance Tolerance ±5%
Min PP Thickness 0.06mm
Bow &Twist ≤0.5%
Materials FR4,High-Tg FR4,Rogers, Nelco,RCC,PTFE, M4, M6,TU862,TU872
Surface Finished HASL, HASL Pb Free Immersion Gold/Tin/Silver Osp, Immersion Gold+OSP
Special Capability Gold Finger Plating, Peelable, Carbon ink



Printed Circuit Board Assembly Introduction:

Tongzhan was established in 2011 and is committed to becoming a leading one-stop EMS provider. We specialize in high-speed turnkey PCB services: PCB Design, Manufacturing, Component Sourcing, PCBA, and Supply Chain Services. We are good at project management and cost reduction of EMS. Tongzhan specializes in electronic manufacturing services for its customers. Our services include PCB design, PCB fabrication, parts sourcing, PCB assembly, and testing. We manufacture using materials commissioned by our customers, as well as our full turnkey project of sourcing, inspecting, and supporting raw materials. never satisfied. We are constantly trying to improve all functions and processes of the company. Our goal is to create greatness by serving our clients with the best possible service, building profitable solutions for our clients, and supporting each other along the way. Speed and flexibility are a way of life for the co-exhibitor. We embrace a fast-paced and dynamic work environment. We focus on innovation and delivering great products. Our agility allows us to define and redefine our markets.

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