12 SMT PCB Circuit Layout Flexible Carbon Ink Pcb Layout Services

12 SMT PCB Circuit Layout Flexible Carbon Ink Pcb Layout Services

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    SMT PCB Circuit Layout


    PCB Circuit Layout Flexible Carbon Ink


    Carbon Ink Pcb Layout Services

  • Keyword
    PCB Layout Design
  • PCB Board
    POP Boards, Normal Boards, FPC Boards, Rigid-flex Boards, Metal Base Boards
  • Materials
    FR4, High-Tg FR4, Rogers, Nelco, RCC, PTFE, M4, M6, TU862, TU872
  • Surface Finished
    HASL, HASL Pb Free Immersion Gold/Tin/Silver Osp, Immersion Gold+OSP
  • SMT Lines
    12 SMT Lines
  • Special Capability
    Gold Finger Plating, Peelable, Carbon Ink
  • Copper Thickness
    0.3-12 Oz
  • Applications
    Industrial Control, Medical, Automotive Electronics, Communications, Internet
  • Payment Method
  • Delivery Time
    4 Weeks
  • Whether To Support Customization
  • Logistics
    Accept Customer Specified Logistics
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    PCB + Box
  • Delivery Time
    4 weeks
  • Payment Terms
  • Supply Ability

12 SMT PCB Circuit Layout Flexible Carbon Ink Pcb Layout Services

High-Reliability Flexible Boards PCB Layout Design Carbon Ink High-Tg FR4


PCB Layout Design Description:

1. PCB design type: High-Speed, Analog, Digital-analog Hybrid, High Density/Voltage/Power, RF, Backplane, ATE, Soft Board, Rigid-Flex Board, Aluminum Board, etc.

2. Design tools: Allegro, Pads, Mentor Expedition.

PCB Layout Design Parameters:

SMT Capability 14 million spots per day
SMT Lines 12 SMT lines
Reject Rate R&C: 0.3%
IC: 0%
PCB Board POP boards/Normal Boards/FPC boards/Rigid-flex boards/Metal base boards
Parts Dimension Min BGA Footprint:03015 Chip/0.35mm BGA
Parts SMT Accuracy:±0.04mm
IC SMT Accuracy:±0.03mm
PCB Dimension Size:50*50mm-686*508mm
Thickness: 0.3-6.5mm

PCB Layout Design Introduction:

Layout design, in PCB, special components refer to the key components of the high-frequency part, the core components in the circuit, the components susceptible to interference, the high-voltage components, the high-heating components, and some heterosexual components. The location of these special components needs to be carefully Analysis, the layout of the belt should meet the requirements of circuit function and production needs. Improper placement of them can cause circuit compatibility issues, signal integrity issues, and lead to PCB design failures.
PCB size is the primary consideration when designing how to place special components. Kuaishou pointed out that when the size of the pcb is too large, the printed line will become longer, the impedance will increase, the anti-drying ability will decrease, and the cost will also increase; if it is too small, the heat dissipation is not good, and it is easy to interfere with adjacent circuits. After the PCB size is determined, the placement of special components is determined. Finally, according to the functional unit, all components of the circuit are laid out.

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