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Tailored PCB Production to Meet Your Unique Design Requirements

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Good quality Printed Circuit Board Assembly
Good quality Printed Circuit Board Assembly
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PCBA Solutions provides outstanding performance and reliability for our products. Their team of professionals excelled in the design and manufacturing process, delivered on time, and provided excellent technical support. We are very satisfied with their cooperation!

—— Davis

PCBA solutions have helped us achieve high precision and stability in our medical devices. Their team provided an in-depth understanding of our needs and offered customized solutions. Their expertise and service attitude is impressive and we highly recommend them!

—— Sarah

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Printed Circuit Board Fabrication

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Fabrication is a crucial process in the electronics industry that involves the manufacturing of PCBs, which serve as the fundamental platform for electronic circuits in various devices and systems. The fabrication process transforms raw materials into precisely engineered PCBs that provide electrical connectivity and mechanical support for electronic components.


The PCB fabrication process begins with designing the PCB layout using specialized computer-aided design (CAD) software. Designers determine the arrangement of copper traces, pads, and vias that form the electrical connections and pathways for the components. They also specify the number of layers and overall dimensions of the PCB based on the complexity of the circuit and space constraints.


The next step is to produce the PCB's physical board using a substrate material, typically fiberglass-reinforced epoxy resin known as FR4. The substrate is coated with a thin layer of copper on both sides, forming the conductive layers that make up the PCB.

To create the desired circuit pattern, a layer of photosensitive material called the resist is applied to the copper-coated substrate. The PCB layout data is then used to expose the resist to ultraviolet light, hardening the exposed areas.


After the exposure, the unexposed resist is removed, leaving behind the desired copper traces and pads. The exposed copper is then chemically etched away, precisely defining the circuit pattern on the PCB.


For multilayer PCBs, the process is repeated to create multiple conductive layers. The individual layers are then laminated together under high pressure and temperature to form a single, compact unit.


Next, holes for through-hole components and vias are drilled into the PCB. These holes are plated with a conductive material to establish electrical connections between the different layers of the PCB.


After drilling and plating, the PCB is coated with a protective solder mask. This solder mask covers the entire PCB surface except for the exposed copper pads, preventing solder from flowing where it is not required during the assembly process.


Finally, the PCB undergoes surface finish treatment, such as electroless nickel immersion gold (ENIG), hot air solder leveling (HASL), or immersion tin, to enhance its solderability and protect the copper from oxidation.


PCB fabrication is a critical step in the electronics manufacturing process, ensuring the creation of reliable and high-quality PCBs that form the foundation for electronic devices and systems across various industries. With continuous advancements in fabrication techniques and materials, PCBs continue to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of electronics and driving innovation in a wide range of applications.

Tailored PCB Production to Meet Your Unique Design Requirements

Tailored PCB Production to Meet Your Unique Design Requirements
Tailored PCB Production to Meet Your Unique Design Requirements

Large Image :  Tailored PCB Production to Meet Your Unique Design Requirements

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Certification: ISO/UL

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: Negotiable
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: PCB + Box
Delivery Time: 4 weeks
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 100000pc/Month
Detailed Product Description
Keyword: Printed Circuit Board Fabrication Insulation: FR4 Board, Aluminum Substrate, Copper Substrate, Ceramic Substrate, PI (polycumimine), PET (poly)
Copper Foil Material: Glue-free Calendered Copper, Rubber-rolled Copper, Glue-based Electrolytic Copper Number: 1-12 Floors
The Finished Board Is Thick: 0.07MM AND ABOVE (TOLERANCE +5%) The Inner Layer Is Thick Copper: 18-7OUM (1 Ounce Copper = 35UM)
The Outer Layer Is Thick Copper: 20-14OUM (1 Plate Copper = 35UM) Solder Mask: Red Oil, Green Oil, Butter, Blue Oil, White Oil, Black Oil, Matte Black Oil, Yellow Film Covered White Film, Black Film
Word: Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, White, Black Silver Surface Treatment: Anti-oxidation (OSP), Tin Spraying, Gold Immersion, Gold Plating, Silver Plating Nickel Plating, Gold Plating Finger, Carbon Oil
Special Processes: Thick Copper Plate, Impedance Plate, High Frequency Plate, Half-hole Plate, Orifice Plate, Hollow Plate, Single-layer Copper Foil, Cross-sided Gold Finger Plate, Soft And Hard Combination Reinforcement Type: PI, FR4, Steel Sheet, 3M Glue, Electromagnetic Shielding Film
Maximum Size: 50OMM*1000MM Outer Line Width/line Spacing: 0.065MM( 3MIL)
Inner Line Width/line Spacing: 0.065MM(3MIL) Minimum Solder Mask Width: 0.10MM
Minimum Mask Bridge Width: 0.05MM Minimum Solder Mask: 0.45MM
Minimum Aperture: MECHANICAL DRILLING 0.2MM, LASER DRILLING 0,1MM Impedance Tolerance: 10% Of Soil
Form Tolerances: +0.05MM(LASER+0.005MM) Molding Method: V-cut, CNC, Die Punching, Laser

Tailored PCB Production to Meet Your Unique Design Requirements​

Innovative PCB Fabrication For Unsurpassed Quality And Flexibility

Importance Of Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing:

1. Connection and support: PCB provides connection and support between electronic components, allowing them to work together. Electronic devices cannot function properly without PCBs.

2. Compact and space-saving: PCB allows electronic components to be arranged in a smaller space, thereby achieving a compact design of electronic equipment. This is critical for mobile devices and embedded systems.

3. Production efficiency: The standardized PCB manufacturing process improves production efficiency and reduces costs. This makes it possible to mass-produce electronic devices.

4. Reliability: Carefully designed and manufactured PCBs can provide highly reliable electronic devices, reducing the risk of failure and repair.

Printed Circuit Board Fabrication Parameters:


Printed Circuit Board Fabrication

Reinforcement type

PI, FR4, steel sheet, 3M glue, the electromagnetic shielding film


FR4 board, aluminum substrate, copper substrate, a ceramic substrate, PI (polycumimine), PET (poly)

Maximum size


Copper foil material

Glue-free calendered copper, rubber-rolled copper, glue-based electrolytic copper

Outer line width/line spacing

0.065MM( 3MIL)


1-12 floors

Inner line width/line spacing


The finished board is thick


Minimum solder mask width


The inner layer is thick copper

18-7OUM (1 ounce copper = 35UM)

Minimum mask bridge width


The outer layer is thick copper

20-14OUM (1 plate copper = 35UM)

Minimum solder mask


Solder mask

Red oil, green oil, butter, blue oil, white oil, black oil, matte black oil, yellow film covered white film, black film

Minimum aperture



Red, green, yellow, blue, white, black silver

Impedance Tolerance

10% of soil

Surface treatment

Anti-oxidation (OSP), tin spraying, gold immersion, gold plating, silver plating nickel plating, gold plating finger, carbon oil

Form tolerances


Special processes

Thick copper plate, impedance plate, high-frequency plate, half-hole plate, orifice plate, hollow plate, single-layer copper foil, cross-sided gold finger plate, soft and hard combination

Molding method

V-cut, CNC, die punching, laser

Printed Circuit Board Fabrication Factory Introduction:
Tongzhan Industrial Ltd. was established in 2011 in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. Tongzhan Industrial Ltd. is committed to becoming a leading one-stop EMS supplier company, providing customers with high-quality PCB series products. Tongzhan mainly focuses on high-speed turnkey PCB layout design and PCB assembly services, including PCB design, manufacturing, component procurement, PCBA design and board making, supply chain services, functional testing, conformal paint, complete assembly, etc. Our corporate culture is to serve customers, customers always come first. Customer-oriented, diligent and innovative, honest, happy, transparent, customer-centric, professional, efficient, and win-win. Our employees are passionate. Passion for Science. Passion for technology.
Tailored PCB Production to Meet Your Unique Design Requirements

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