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High Tg FR4 Prototype Electronics Assembly HASL Multilayer Flex Pcb

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Good quality Printed Circuit Board Assembly
Good quality Printed Circuit Board Assembly
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PCBA Solutions provides outstanding performance and reliability for our products. Their team of professionals excelled in the design and manufacturing process, delivered on time, and provided excellent technical support. We are very satisfied with their cooperation!

—— Davis

PCBA solutions have helped us achieve high precision and stability in our medical devices. Their team provided an in-depth understanding of our needs and offered customized solutions. Their expertise and service attitude is impressive and we highly recommend them!

—— Sarah

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Electronic Component Sourcing

Electronic Component Sourcing is a vital process in the electronics industry that involves finding and acquiring the necessary electronic components for manufacturing electronic devices and systems. It plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth and efficient production of various electronic products, ranging from consumer electronics to industrial equipment.


The process of electronic component sourcing begins with identifying the specific components required for a particular project or product. This involves understanding the design requirements, specifications, and performance characteristics needed for the electronic device. Manufacturers and engineers carefully analyze the BOM (Bill of Materials) to determine the exact components needed.


Once the components are identified, the sourcing process commences. Manufacturers may work with various suppliers, distributors, and vendors to obtain the required components. Electronic component distributors and authorized resellers play a significant role in providing access to a wide range of components from multiple manufacturers.


Key factors considered during electronic component sourcing include component quality, availability, lead time, and cost. Manufacturers prioritize sourcing components from reputable and reliable suppliers to ensure the quality and reliability of the final product. Additionally, ensuring a steady supply of components with reasonable lead times is crucial for meeting production deadlines.


Furthermore, electronic component sourcing also involves managing supply chain risks and mitigating potential shortages. Manufacturers often maintain strategic relationships with multiple suppliers to reduce dependency on a single source. Diversifying sourcing channels helps ensure continuity of component availability, even in challenging market conditions.


Electronic component sourcing is further complicated by the rapid evolution of technology and obsolescence of certain components. As new components are introduced and older ones become obsolete, manufacturers need to adapt their sourcing strategies to accommodate these changes.

In recent years, the electronic component market has witnessed increased demand, supply chain disruptions, and fluctuations in pricing. This has driven the need for efficient sourcing strategies and the adoption of advanced supply chain management practices.


In conclusion, Electronic Component Sourcing is a critical process that directly impacts the efficiency and success of electronic manufacturing. Effective sourcing ensures access to high-quality components, supports timely production, and contributes to the overall reliability and performance of electronic devices in today's fast-paced and dynamic industry. As technology continues to advance, electronic component sourcing will remain a key focus for manufacturers seeking to stay competitive and deliver innovative products to the market.

High Tg FR4 Prototype Electronics Assembly HASL Multilayer Flex Pcb

High Tg FR4 Prototype Electronics Assembly HASL Multilayer Flex Pcb
High Tg FR4 Prototype Electronics Assembly HASL Multilayer Flex Pcb

Large Image :  High Tg FR4 Prototype Electronics Assembly HASL Multilayer Flex Pcb

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Certification: ISO/UL

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: Negotiable
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: PCB+ Box
Delivery Time: 4 weeks
Supply Ability: 100000pc/Month
Detailed Product Description
Keyword: Electronic Component Sourcing Application: Industrial Control, Medical Care, Automotive Electronics
Special Processing: Buried Blind Hole, Step Groove, Metal Substrate, Embedded Resistor Special Capability: Carbon Ink,Gold Finger Plating,Peelable
Number Of Layers: 2-64 Layers Surface Finished: HASL
Materials: Rogers, Nelco,RCC,High-Tg FR4 Bow & Twist: ≤0.5%
Payment Method: T/T Delivery Time: 4 Weeks
Whether To Support Customization: Support Logistics: Accept Customer Specified Logistics
High Light:

High Tg FR4 Prototype Electronics Assembly


Prototype Electronics Assembly HASL


HASL Multilayer Flex Pcb

High - Tg FR4 Electronic Component Sourcing 2 - 68 Layers Immersion Gold + OSP


Electronic Component Sourcing Description:

PCB is one of the important components in electronic industry. Almost every kind of electronic equipment, from electronic watches and calculators to computers, communication electronic equipment, military weapon systems, as long as there are integrated circuits and other electronic components, in order to make electrical interconnection between various components, printed boards are used. The printed circuit board is composed of an insulating base plate, a bonding pad for connecting wires and assembling and welding electronic components. It has the dual functions of conducting lines and insulating base plates. It can replace the complex wiring and realize the electrical connection between the components in the circuit. It not only simplifies the assembly and welding of electronic products, reduces the wiring workload in the traditional way, and greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers; Moreover, the overall volume is reduced, the product cost is reduced, and the quality and reliability of electronic equipment are improved.


PCB Manufacturing Parameters:

Reject Rate R&C: 0.3%
IC: 0%
PCB Board POP boards/Normal Boards/FPC boards/Rigid-flex boards/Metal base boards
Parts Dimension Min BGA Footprint:03015 Chip/0.35mm BGA
Parts SMT Accuracy:±0.04mm
IC SMT Accuracy:±0.03mm
PCB Dimension Size:50*50mm-686*508mm
Thickness: 0.3-6.5mm


Electronic Component Sourcing Introduction:

Tongzhan was founded in 2011. Committed to becoming a leading one-stop EMS supplier. We focus on high-speed turnkey PCB services: PCB design, manufacturing, component procurement, PCBA and supply chain services.
The product solution supports flexible supply. The types of plates support rigid plates, soft plates and rigid flexure plates. The products provide one-stop services from SMT, post welding, assembly to testing. They are RoHS compliant lead-free assembly/non RoHS assembly and conformal coating.We will focus more on innovation and providing quality products. Our agility enables us to define and redefine our market.

High Tg FR4 Prototype Electronics Assembly HASL Multilayer Flex Pcb

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