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PCB manufacturing process overview

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Good quality Printed Circuit Board Assembly
Good quality Printed Circuit Board Assembly
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Company News
PCB manufacturing process overview
PCB manufacturing process overview

PCB manufacturing process overview

PCB manufacturing process overview


Printed circuit board (PCB) is the core of modern electronic equipment, and its manufacturing process has undergone complex technological processes. This article will briefly outline the key process flows of PCB manufacturing to help you understand the PCB production process.


1. Raw material preparation

The first step in PCB manufacturing is to prepare the raw materials, including the substrate (usually fiberglass composite), copper foil, chemicals, and cover film.


2. Printed circuit design

Before PCB manufacturing, circuit design, including layout and wiring, needs to be carried out. This determines the location and connections of components on the circuit board.


3. Printed circuit production

One of the key steps in manufacturing a PCB is to peel off unwanted copper foil layers via chemical etching or electronic etching methods, leaving behind the desired circuit pattern.


4. Add layers

Multilayer PCBs require different layers of circuitry to be laminated together and secured together using adhesive to form a whole.


5. Drilling and installation

The PCB will have holes drilled where the components need to be mounted. The holes are then coated with a conductive material, usually gold plating.


6. Welding parts

Components are soldered to the PCB via Surface Mount Technology (SMT) or plug-in technology, ensuring they are properly connected to the circuit.


7. Circuit test

The circuit on the PCB must be tested to ensure that the connections are correct and there are no faults.


8. Packaging and delivery

Once completed, the PCB is packaged and prepared for delivery to the electronic device manufacturer.


PCB manufacturing is a highly technical process that requires precise operation and quality control. Understanding these key process flows will help you better understand the PCB manufacturing process.

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