Step Groove Layout Pcb Design Designability Rogers Multilayer Circuit Board

Step Groove Layout Pcb Design Designability Rogers Multilayer Circuit Board

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    Step Groove Layout Pcb Design


    Layout Pcb Design Designability


    Designability Rogers Multilayer Circuit Board

  • Features
    Designability, Maintainability
  • Keyword
    PCB Layout Design
  • Special Capability
    Carbon Ink, Peelable, Gold Finger Plating
  • PCB Board
    Rigid-Flex Boards, Multi-Layer Boards
  • Materials
    High-Tg FR4, Nelco, PTFE, M6, TU862, TU872
  • Applications
    Industrial Control, Automotive Electronics, Communications, Internet
  • Surface Finished
    Immersion Gold+OSP
  • SMT Capability
    14 Million Spots Per Day
  • Payment Method
  • Delivery Time
    4 Weeks
  • Whether To Support Customization
  • Logistics
    Accept Customer Specified Logistics
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    PCB + Box
  • Delivery Time
    4 weeks
  • Payment Terms
  • Supply Ability

Step Groove Layout Pcb Design Designability Rogers Multilayer Circuit Board

Step Groove Rigid - Flex Boards PCB Layout Design Designability Rogers


PCB Layout Design Description:

1. Focus on component sourcing.
2. Management team with 10+ years of experience in the material.
3. PCB Component Sourcing Teams: Project department, Engineering department, Purchasing.
4. department, Quality department, Customs Declaration department.
5. Professional component validation engineers.
6. Professional BOM Engineers.

PCB Layout Design Parameters:

SMT Capability 14 million spots per day
SMT Lines 12 SMT lines
Reject Rate R&C: 0.3%
IC: 0%
PCB Board POP boards/Normal Boards/FPC boards/Rigid-flex boards/Metal base boards
Parts Dimension Min BGA Footprint:03015 Chip/0.35mm BGA
Parts SMT Accuracy:±0.04mm
IC SMT Accuracy:±0.03mm
PCB Dimension Size:50*50mm-686*508mm
Thickness: 0.3-6.5mm



Q. What service can you supply?
TongZhan was founded in 2011 and is committed to being a leading one-stop EMS provider. We specialize in high-speed turn-key PCB services: PCB design, Fabrication, Components sourcing, PCBA, and Supply Chain service.


Q. What is your Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?
There is no limit to our MOQ, depending on the specific requirements, samples and mass production can be supported, and customized models are supported.

PCB Layout Design Introduction:

layout skills: In the layout design of the PCB, the unit of the circuit board should be analyzed, and the layout design should be carried out according to the function. When laying out all the components of the circuit, the following principles should be followed:

1. Arrange the position of each functional circuit unit according to the circuit process, so that the layout is convenient for signal circulation, and the signal keeps the same direction as possible.

2. Centering on the core components of each functional unit, make a layout around him. Components should be evenly, integrally, and compactly arranged on the PCB to minimize and shorten the leads and connections between components.

3. For circuits that work at high frequencies, the distribution parameters between components should be considered. In general, the components should be arranged in parallel as far as possible, which is not only beautiful, but also easy to install and weld, and easy to mass produce.

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